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How It Works

Step-by-step of how CRE Secure PCI Security works for merchants including using its HTML Clone™ Technology

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Benefits of CRE Secure HTML Clone

  • HTML Clone payment page looks just like your site, because it IS an extension of your site, just hosted in our PCI Compliant Data Center.
  • No additional screens are shown to the customer at CRE Secure after payment
  • Your site is "Out of Scope" of PCI regulations because it does not Store, Process or Transmit Card Holder Data – so you can host your site where ever you like and save money on annual PCI scans.
  • By outsourcing your payment acceptance to CRE Secure, you can use the Self Assessment Questionnaire – ‘A’ to submit to your merchant acquirer for your PCI Compliance.
  • The result: the shortest and easiest path for PCI Compliance.

As your customer completes their order in the shopping cart where the CRE Secure payment module is installed, they select "Pay by Credit Card" and choose Checkout.

Benefit: Because CRE Secure’s hosted payment acceptance removes the credit card data from the merchant environment, their shopping carts are no longer categorized as a payment application under PCI and are thus, not required to have PA-DSS certification, when CRE Secure is active.

CRE Secure servers receive the checkout order and credit card payment request kicking off a patent pending process called HTML Clone technology. CRE Secure simultaneously retrieves a blank, standard Template File from your site design in real time, scrubs it for any possible malicious code, and then combines it with our securely generated Credit Card collection form.

Benefit: CRE Secure "clones" the merchant´s website using their own style sheet and menus eliminating the need to manually maintain custom payment template pages in file repositories at some gateways.

CRE Secure presents back to your customer a Secure Hosted Payment Page that looks just like your site, but it´s not on your server. And with HTML Clone, the customer still has access to all links and live navigation of the merchant´s site because it reproduces the merchant´s unique template design in the cloned Checkout page.

Benefit: By completely outsourcing the payment page to CRE Secure´s PCI Compliant data center, the merchant is in full compliance because their site never stores, transmits or processes the cardholder data, on its own servers

As your customer completes their order in the shopping cart where the CRE Secure payment module is installed, they select "Pay by Credit Card" and choose Checkout.

Benefit: CRE Secure is a cloud-based PCI security service that connects shopping carts and payments over the web with existing gateways and merchant service bank accounts. There is no need to change existing banking relationships except to notify them that your merchant web store is now fully compliant because you have outsourced your credit card payment handling to CRE Secure, a PCI DSS Compliant Level 1 service provider.

Once the payment transaction is complete, the customer is seamlessly returned directly back to your shopping cart application, where the order status is updated and control is returned to the merchant shopping cart software for additional sales and fulfillment activities.

Benefit: By outsourcing the secure payment handling to CRE Secure, the merchant is also effectively outsourcing and dramatically reducing the administrative burden and security policy making required by the merchant to comply with PCI Compliance standards. In most cases, with CRE Secure, merchants satisfy their merchant bank security requirements and qualify to submit a PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire, Version A (SAQ-A), the most favorable SAQ requirement.